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Guild of the Week: Les Grosbilloux (GB)

Les Grosbilloux (GB), a French guild that was founded on the same day that Guild Wars launched, focuses primarily on player-vs-player combat. In fact, the guild's name reflects its members' focus and passion for PvP: Les Grosbilloux refers to the pursuit for the "uber" character and indicates the guild's primary goal—to win and be the best there is. It appears the guild is well on its way to meeting this goal, since GB is currently ranked in the top 50 on the official Guild Wars ladder.

In addition to its primary goal, Les Grosbilloux aims to help develop the French Guild Wars community, particularly into one with international PvP fame. To that end, Les Grosbilloux took part in the recent French Guild Tournament, where it won the final and confirmed its position as one of the strongest PvP guilds in France.

GB members participate in cooperative play mainly as a means of getting items, loot, and skills for their PvP characters. Thus, they focus exploration on opening up access to skill trainers and armor crafters while using skills like Sprint and "Charge!" to get through missions quickly.

Strategy: PvP Play

Les Grosbilloux spends most of its time in the Tomb of Primeval Kings competing with other skilled teams for access to the Hall of Heroes, or in Guild-vs-Guild battles. Team Arena is reserved for testing. GB teams routinely use voice chat with a single designated target caller, and all members of the guild log plenty of hours playing their characters so that they know them as well as possible before going into competition.

In the French tournament, Les Grosbilloux's success was founded on a simple build. The build consisted of three Monks for healing, an Elementalist/Monk using Smiting Prayers, two other Elementalists for damage, a Warrior for melee, and a Mesmer for interruption. Each player fully understood his character and its role in the build, enabling the team to concentrate on finding the best way of defeating its opponents.

Recently, Les Grosbilloux ran a variant build designed to create maximum confusion in the enemy. The build has had some success, but it relies largely on the element of surprise. Dubbed "The Bomb Show," the build uses six Necromancers, a Mesmer/Monk, and a Ranger.

Five of the Necromancers are designated as "bombs." They each pick a separate target, apply their buffs, and then charge the target in a kamikaze-style attack. These characters carry skills such as Death Nova, Touch of Agony, Dark Pact, Awaken the Blood, Dark Aura, and Signet of Agony. These Necromancers aim to deal damage to their target while simultaneously sacrificing their own Health and triggering Death Nova when they die. The sixth Necromancer casts Putrid Explosion, making use of the corpses created by the sacrificed bombs as well as any killed enemies. The Mesmer/Monk is tasked with resurrecting the bombs using Fast Cast to speed up the process.

When well executed, this build can leave an opponent struggling to heal multiple party members who are taking large amounts of damage in a short period of time. And because the build does not use a conventional healing setup, opposing guilds often spend crucial time deciding which of the characters should be targeted first.

PvP Quick Tips

When participating in PvP combat, Les Grosbilloux offers the following tips and strategies:

  • Test a character in as many different situations as possible to learn the strengths and weaknesses of that character.
  • Understand your role in a team and concentrate on that role. Players who try to do everything can spread themselves too thin and become less effective.
  • Be alert and monitor the skills your enemy is using. A Warrior who uses Frenzy is a better target than the normal choice of a Monk or Mesmer. Similarly, it is often better to neutralize an enemy who is dealing out large amounts of damage, as this can take pressure off your own team.
  • Take the time to observe the battlefield and do not rush into combat (unless your build is designed for rushing). Rushing forward can leave you vulnerable to enemy flanking maneuvers.
  • Know your character in detail. Understanding your skill combos, Energy (or adrenaline) management, positioning on the battlefield, and role in the team build are all very important factors to success.

Member Profiles

Meet some of the members of Les Grosbilloux.

Handle: Freyja Weshka
Location: Arras, France
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Mesmer. This profession has a lot of great skill combos and can counter a lot of builds and professions. I also really enjoy Monk characters and can play all professions (except Warrior).

Handle: E K E K E
Location: Arras, France
Gaming Background: PvP
Preferred Character: Healing Monk. This profession allows me to watch and thus quickly understand the enemy build (notably the offensive part of it), and it forces me to do my best to counter this. A group with coordinated and complementary Monks can destroy an enemy build.

Handle: Syno Nym
Location: Besançon, France
Gaming Background: PvP
Preferred Character: I used to play a Protection Monk who specialized in Protective Spirit and Spell Breaker. Recently, however, I’ve begun to have an interest in Smiting Monks, and now I’m a real addict of this profession (especially with the combo Signet of Judgment/Mantra of Inscriptions).

Handle: Xou Xou
Location: Loiret, France
Gaming Background: RPG and FPS
Preferred Character: Healing Monk. I choose the job of team healer because it is so frustrating to die without receiving a healing spell. This way, if someone dies I can blame only myself.

Handle: Gabi Petit Ourson
Location: Bordeaux, France
Gaming Background: RPG and FPS
Preferred Character: Warrior. I think this is the best profession for dealing large amounts of damage without using too much Energy, and it has a lot of possible combos, especially when you take into account a secondary profession. I also like to play all other professions.

Handle: Oni no Xylth
Location: Toulouse, France
Gaming Background: Mainly PvP
Preferred Character: My favorite character is the Mesmer, because I really enjoy thinking about players on the other end who spend a full game blacked-out or power-blocked after having met my Mesmer (muhahahaha). Sure it's a difficult class to play, but a Mesmer can destroy a full team build by neutralizing the right characters--never useless in my opinion.

Handle: Formek Raiki
Location: Marmande, France
Gaming Background: PvP, Diablo II
Preferred Character: Hammer Warrior. I love Warrior characters because they are always right in the middle of the action and deal direct damage to the enemy.

Handle: Fear Babar
Location: Annecy, France
Gaming Background: PvP
Preferred Character: I love to play Necromancer, a tactical-type character, paired with Mesmer as a secondary profession. With this character, I can offer all types of support to my team: buffing, debuffing, summoning, and mana burning. The Necromancer profession can be difficult to learn completely, but I've played it from the beginning, and I always find new and interesting combos.

Handle: Lord the Peacemaker
Location: Toulon, France
Gaming Background: RPG and FPS
Preferred Character: Air Elementalist. It’s a great job, really—it deals a lot of damage without a lot of risk.

Handle: Kalas Siski
Location: France
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Healing Monk.