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Guild of the Week: United Legit Gaming Guilds (ULGG)

The United Legit Gaming Guilds of Guild Wars (ULGG) can best be described as both a guild and an alliance of guilds. Originating in 1997 as an alliance of guilds playing Diablo, the ULGG, as the name suggests, has always placed a strong emphasis on playing games with honor, kindness, and respect for other players. The ULGG alliance includes numerous guilds, including Legion of Exile, which was a previously featured Guild of the Week. Alliance guilds all share a common philosophy: play the game as it was intended to be played.

Within Guild Wars, the ULGG is represented by over 55 active members invited from alliance member guilds. The ULGG has a strong community focus, with members helping one other and their allied guilds through missions, quests, and other goals. The ULGG mostly participates in cooperative play, although recently, it has begun developing a competitive group for Guild-vs-Guild combat.

Strategy: Cooperative Play

ULGG members spend much of their time helping one another complete missions and quests. The entire alliance works together to achieve members' goals, and it would not be surprising to find a ULGG member, or member of an allied guild, helping out others with more difficult missions or quests. Before attempting a mission, the group determines their goals, such as whether or not they'll undertake the bonus mission, and then assigns players to particular roles, such as tank or target caller. Once in the mission, tanks move ahead of the entire group to attract monsters in difficult areas, thus protecting the other team members.

ULGG groups typically take the time to understand the needs of each character and player. For example, Necromancers often need corpses, and casters need to avoid attracting the attention of monsters. Individual players within the guild and wider alliance will often have vastly different playing styles. Playing with others who share a similar style allows a group to begin working as a team more quickly. Bringing together players with diverse styles can be more difficult but carries its own rewards, as the adaptability of a melding of differing styles allows a group to adjust during more difficult quests or missions.

In areas with patrolling monsters, groups often stop and time the patrols. Based upon this information, they then initiate a fight, knowing how long they have before additional monsters arrive to complicate the battle.

Strategy: Cooperative Play Quick Tips

When participating in cooperative play, ULGG offers the following tips and strategies:

  • If you expect to encounter caster enemies, include a Domination Mesmer in the group. Skills like Backfire can be very effective against AI spellcasters.
  • Learn the cast times of your skill, and the best way to time them all.
  • Designate players who will act as tanks and get them to move in front of the group. Use the white circle on your mini-map to judge distance. This helps ensure that monsters attack the tanks, allowing the casters and healers to act freely.
  • When playing with a "pick-up group," always ask Monks whether they are Healing or Smiting Monks so that you are clear on their role in the group.
  • If you have a corpse-exploiting Necromancer in your group, kill foes that leave useable corpses first.

Strategy: PvP Play

The ULGG saw some success in PvP during the Beta Weekend Events, but since the release of Guild Wars, the have focused more on cooperative play. Recently, however, they've begun training a competitive group for Guild-vs-Guild combat. They have used a variety of builds as they've advanced up the ladder, and they are now working on developing builds with more diversity and strategic options.

During this training phase, the ULGG often engages in matches against their allied guilds. These matches allow members on both sides to learn about GvG game play without the added pressure of putting ladder ranking and points at risk. Both guilds can take time before and following—and even during—a battle to discuss what worked and what did not, and to receive advice from "the enemy."

Strategy: PvP Quick Tips

When participating in PvP play, ULGG offers the following tips and strategies:

  • Stick together and play as a team. Engaging in combat while team members are separated from one another can spell disaster.
  • Learn how best to dodge projectile attacks. Dodging a Ranger's arrows, for example, can help you avoid the negative effects of skills like Pin Down.
  • When playing with a team that does not have a preset build, try to put together a balanced build. This will usually mean two or three Monks, one or two Warriors, and any mix of the caster professions for the remaining characters.
  • In the Arena, equip Resurrection Signet. With a shorter casting time than other resurrection skills, this Signet can be very useful in short Arena fights.
  • Use any advantage available to you on the current map. In a close match, the little things can make a big difference.

Member Profiles

Meet some of the members of ULGG.

Handle: Pathegon
Location: Michigan, USA
Gaming Background: Mainly RPGs
Preferred Character: Cyrus the Virus, a Necromancer/Warrior who makes heavy use of Blood Magic to deal damage and to give healing. In my opinion, Necromancers are the most flexible profession. Blood Magic and Curses can easily be used to counter many builds. Basically, my Necromancers are roamers and look to finish off stragglers and put some serious DoT on the main target.

Handle: Lady Kingel
Location: USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: A Mesmer/Monk with a focus on Domination Magic and Healing. I am a strong backup healer in cooperative play and always have Rebirth and Remove Conditions equipped.

Handle: Green Opiate
Location: Georgia, USA
Gaming Background: RTS, Simulations, and RPGs
Preferred Character: I enjoy playing Mesmer the most right now. I also have a Necromancer who is fun to play and with whom I am currently trying out new skill combos. A Monk primary is also in the works.

Handle: Overon
Location: Illinois
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: A Necromancer/Warrior with a focus on Blood Magic and Swordsmanship, and a few points in Soul Reaping. I use Swordsmanship for thrown-in damage and Galrath’s Slash/Final Thrust; and Blood Magic for the life stealing, since it doesn’t have the pitfalls of (A) doing actual damage where retaliatory spells can affect it and (B) getting the damage output lowered due to armor. If it says you steal 54 Health, you steal 54 Health.

Handle: Boraqua
Location: Washington State, USA
Gaming Background: Mostly Singlerplayer game
Preferred Character: Bora Qua is a Warrior/Mesmer who has been my primary character from the beginning. My intention is to develop him for PvP and GvG so that I may further help our guild achieve some of the goals we desire. Bora Qua is heavily armed with swords and shields as well as protective icons, and he really is trying to epitomize himself as a true Warrior in respect to his battle skills.

Handle: The Dark Dragon
Location: Florida, USA
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: I prefer playing an Elementalist/Monk for the firepower this combination can have, but my other character is a Warrior/Monk (due to the hammer that I received when I pre-ordered the game).

Handle: Athenas Wraith
Location: Iowa, USA
Gaming Background: RPG and RTS
Preferred Character: I prefer playing an Elementalist as my primary class, but I switch my secondary depending on where and what I am going to be doing. From day one, I decided not to stick to one style of gameplay since the game itself can be updated on the fly, and I believe this has worked to my advantage very well.

Handle: Kaie Edge
Location: Germany
Gaming Background: RTS and some RPG
Preferred Character: My favorite characters are always half-Monks. Doing lots of damage is fun, but I get the most satisfaction out of keeping my team members alive and their Health high.

Handle: LunaCrist
Location: Yukon, Canada
Gaming Background: RPGs in PvE
Preferred Character: My preferred character is a Ranger/Monk equipped with Savage Shot, Dual Shot, Penetrating Shot, Apply Poison, and Ignite Arrows. If I'm solo, I bring along a pet and equip Comfort Animal, Charm Animal, and Restore Life. If I'm with a party, I equip Favorable Winds, Restore Life, and Healing Spring.

Handle: Dulaithol
Location: Ohio, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Elementalist/Monk or a Hammer Warrior.