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Guild of the Week: Isle of Misfits (Isle)

The Isle of Misfits (Isle) has a four-and-a-half-year history that began with Diablo II. Formed by a group of friends who wanted to avoid playing with cheaters and hackers in public games, their guild name originates from that conceptthey saw themselves as an "island of misfits in a sea of corruption." Over the years, Isle members have played Star Wars: Galaxies and World of Warcraft before joining Guild Wars as Alpha testers. The guild currently has 25 members who play Guild Wars and approximately another 50 who play other titles, and they expect their numbers to continue to grow.

Isle members are more likely to be seen enjoying the cooperative missions and explorable areas of Guild Wars than its PvP zones, but they do enjoy a good competitive battle. Isle regularly participates in friendly guild-vs-guild matches against like-minded guilds, such as Amazon Basin. These matches are usually prefaced by a period of time where both teams can familiarize themselves with the map. Members often participate in another type of competition of their own creation: racing solo through mission maps to see who can complete them the fastest.

Strategy: Cooperative Play

Isle members enjoy exploration and undertaking missions and quests. Of particular allure is locating any hidden game secrets. When attempting missions, Isle usually does some pre-planning using TeamSpeak, although they are not picky about putting together the "perfect team." When they fail a mission, they spend some time examining what might have been the cause, and they'll altar their team composition a bit in an attempt to fill any gaps.

While helping to test the game, Isle members ran into trouble while attempting one of the volcanic maps. Several team members were killed during early fights, and these characters built up large death penalties as the enemy focused on their weakness. With their melee team members unable to survive long enough, the team changed tactics. An Elementalist/Monk who had avoided dying started drawing the monsters and, supported by a Monk using Protection and Healing skills, was able to take on the tanking role while the rest of the team killed the monsters. In this way, the team was able to turn what looked like a lost cause into an eventual victory.

Cooperative Play Quick Tips

For cooperative play, Isle offers the tips and strategies below:
  • When initiating battles, be careful to manage enemy numbers to avoid being overrun.
  • Explore every corner or crevice. By doing so, you can often find hidden game content. Sometimes it might be as simple as a statue, other times it might be a chest offering loot.
  • Enter a mission with a balanced team build, balanced characters, and skills that complement each other. Random teams can succeed, but a balanced team offers a much higher success rate.
  • Defense is sometimes just as important as offense.

Strategy: PvP Play

One thing that Isle members have learned during PvP play is that the successful teams place a high priority on eliminating their enemies' source of healing. This makes any Monks an instant target. As a result, Isle devised a build that attempted to hide their healers from the enemya difficult task considering the team was made up of eight primary Monks! This, however, was actually part of their strategy. Since all of the characters looked the same, it became a lot harder for the enemy to identify the characters who were performing healing duties.

The Monks who were not healers used secondary professions and skills to provide as much damage potential as possible, but it wasn't enough. Although Isle had some success with the build and found that the designated healers were able to do their job without the normal high level of harassment from the enemy, it lacked the offensive firepower required to consistently achieve victory and could therefore be defeated by a patient enemy.

Normally, Isle uses a basic build popular among other guilds that utilizes three Monks: two who specialize in Healing Prayers and a third who specializes in Protection Prayers. This enables the Monks to be more effective at their designated role. The two healer Monks are each assigned four players on the team, which helps reduce the chances of wastage when two Monks simultaneously heal the same target. There is a risk with this strategy causing problems when a target is the subject of focused attacks by the majority of an enemy teamthis focus could easily overwhelm the healing potential of a single Monk.

During battle, Isle members use TeamSpeak to better coordinate their attacks. One player is designated as a "target caller" and designates the target that the entire team should attack, while other players are encouraged to remain silent to avoid unnecessary distractions or confusion. During guild-vs-guild combat, Isle places a high priority on maintaining control of any important map features, such as the flag stand. They also keep an eye on the match timer and attempt to kill the enemy Guild Lord if they find themselves with a numerical advantage and time available before the next resurrection.

PvP Quick Tips

When participating in PvP battles, Isle offers the tips and strategies below:

  • Organization and discipline are important. Plan your strategy beforehand, and make sure everyone applies themselves to achieving the same goals.
  • Focused team attacks on a single enemy can rapidly kill that enemy. Spreading attacks across multiple targets allows enemy healers to respond efficiently.
  • Never give up. A single inspired decision can turn around what looks to be a losing situation into a potential for victory.

Member Profiles

Meet some of the members of Isle of Misfits.

Handle: Dell or Kelicc
Location: New Jersey, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs in PvE
Preferred Character: I generally like to play a healer or a support character, so I usually play a Monk primary. I also like Rangers since I like ranged attacks, and I think playing a Ranger requires a good deal of strategy.

Handle: pball68
Location: USA
Gaming Background: RPGs in PvE, some FPS
Preferred Character: I enjoy the Elementalist the best. I like having the ability to deal great amounts of damage from afar while also being able to resurrect people when need be. I definitely like being a support player when it's needed.

Handle: NeoHydragen or Neromatic
Location: Minnesota, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs in PvE, some PvP
Preferred Character: I normally play a shutdown artist, be it a Ranger or Mesmer, and often both. In PvP, I normally freelance opposing casters to keep my team safe. I have been known to dabble with a healing/protecting Monk when the other Monk players in the guild want a turn hitting things with a big hammer.

Handle: Raidur
Location: Arkansas, USA
Gaming Background: RPG and FPS in PvE
Preferred Character: I play so many combinations that I don't really have a favorite, although I do tend to favor either Necromancer or Warrior primaries. As for combinations and play styles, I change those to suit the character setup I am trying.

Handle: Lord Fouls Bane
Location: Illinois, USA
Gaming Background: D&D and FPS
Preferred Character: I like playing sword Warriors, since I enjoy getting into the action, but I've been having a lot of fun lately learning to play a healer and Necromancer. It's fun, and it gives our regular healers a chance to play something else for a change.

Handle: Magnus or Budo
Location: Texas, USA
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: In PvP play, I usually support my team as a Monk healer. I love the challenge it presents as well as contributing to the team effort. For cooperative play, I tend to play a Warrior when I feel like bumping heads or a Necromancer for the fun and appeal.

Handle: Marcus
Location: New York, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs in PvE
Preferred Character: I most like playing as a Warrior (Hammer) using Knockdown and Interrupt skills as well as damaging skills, and supporting the team by being a primary damage dealer.

Handle: Daeja Voodoo
Location: Florida, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: My favorite character is the Warrior. If my secondary is Necromancer or Mesmer, I play with a sword, if it's a Monk or Elementalist, I play with a hammer. Because of the huge influence they can have on a battle, I also enjoy playing a Mesmer primary.

Handle: Sky Dawn, Combat Barbie or Alien Witch
Location: New York, USA
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: I play anything but a Monk. If you're looking to me as a healer, you're gonna die.

Handle: Wayfaring
Location: New York, USA
Gaming Background: RPG and FPS
Preferred Character: My favorite character is a Monk healer or Warrior/Monk.